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At Vescent Soap it is our mission to focus on reducing waste and to be cautious of the lasting environmental impact that we will have as a company. We strive to make products that will give our customers easier options to move towards a more sustainable future. 

Oil palm trees plantation at the edge of tropical rainforest. Aerial photo from drone, sho

Palm Free Company

We like the rainforest and its thousands of unique species right where they are, so we have said NO to palm oil and palm derived ingredients.

Deforestation aerial photo. Rainforest jungle in Borneo, Malaysia, destroyed to make way f

Biodegradable Packages

We don't want future generations picking up our trash, so all of the products we make are fully biodegradable, with packaging that is safe for home composting.

Olive Grove

100% VEGAN
Plant-Based & Animal Free

Our products contain only plant sourced ingredients and are never tested on animals. We believe that animals have a place in this world and it's not in our soap!

Olive Grove_edited.jpg

Our company was founded in 2017 by combining Aaron's passion for soap making and Jai's passion for sustainability; what had started out as an outlet for our hobby quickly turned into a passion project with a direction. We've grown a lot over the years, but our focus remains, quality soap made sustainably.

Aaron Soap.jpg

Aaron Rustand

"There is a certain beauty in the way you combine oils and scents - soap is art!"


Jai Machen-Whitworth

"As a mother and a small business owner, I think it's important that I show my son that he doesn't have to follow the status quo."


All-Natural Products 

Made Sustainable

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